How do you maintain a car?

Our clients consistently ask us when scheduling for their vehicle to be ceramic coated:

“How do I take care of the car after it is coated? Is there a specific way?”

We would like to answer this question in text and video form. One of the simplest explanations is that ceramic coated vehicles simply need to be regularly washed, and occasionally decontaminated by your detailer.

We recommend that our clients bring in the car that we have applied a ceramic coating to once per year for a thorough decontamination wash, a light clay bar treatment to remove any surface contaminants, and an inspection of the coating itself.

The general guidelines we recommend for a coated car are:

  1. Weekly or bi-weekly wash with a dedicated car wash soap, using two buckets with grit guard inserts.
  2. Rinse-less wash method using micro fiber towels and microfiber wash mitts and Optimum No Rinse (preferred method).

If you are not able to hand the wash the vehicle, I do highly recommend you take it to touch-less car washes, with no rotating brushes that actually make contact with the vehicle.

This is very important as MOST COATING WARRANTIES can be voided if you go through brush car washes. Contact your detailer and ask him or her if you’re coating warranty covers brush car washes.

Regard-less of warranty status, brush car washes CAN AND WILL eventually put swirl marks and scratches into your vehicles clear coat, despite the existence of a ceramic coating. Again, while many ceramic coatings are scratch resistant, they are not scratch PROOF.

All of this being said, ceramic coated vehicles are extremely easy to clean and maintain compared to vehicles that are not coated. With a solid washing process, your vehicle will look better than ever after a simple wash.

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